Rosette Nebula

24. February 2020 - Wichtrach, Bern
Version 1 (edited on 28. February 2020)

The result is quite satisfying. The raw images show very low noise, which could be eliminated even further with the pre-processing in Pixinsight. Some dark structures are also clearly visible, but might be more prominent with a prolonged total integration time and better conditions.

Note that some of the stars exhibit a substantial coma when examining the edges of the image, which is due to poor collimation. Obviously this needs to be improved.
Apart from that the stars are satisfactory. Possibly a somewhat overexposed images have been taken, since many bright stars are overwhelmingly white.

Exposure Time

  • 71 x 80 s Gain 90 RGB
1 h 34 min 40 s


Center (RA, DEC) 98.1405, 5.1315
Size 3.417 × 2.260 deg
Radius 2.048 deg
Avg. Distance to Moon 105.38 deg
Avg. Moon phase
1.79 %

Objects in picture

Rosette A Rosette Nebula Rosette B NGC 2239 NGC 2252 NGC 2236 12Mon NGC 2244


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  • PixInsight
  • Lightroom